Music scholarships for any major

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Music Scholarship

Personal Information

To apply, record a video of yourself performing two contrasting pieces and upload it to
. Include the title of your pieces in the video description on YouTube.
All virtual auditions will be reviewed by a Southern Virginia professor, who will
respond in a timely manner with a decision.

Note: For
piano applicants, at least one of the pieces must be classical.

Instrumental Fellowship (optional)
Strings, winds, or brass players interested in
applying for an Instrumental Fellowship should also upload a video with additional

Strings: 3-octave major and minor scales + arpeggios in one of the following
keys, at a steady tempo.
  • Violin: any key except G
  • Viola, Cello, or Bass: any key except C
Winds & Brass: 2-octave chromatic scale, tongued
in one direction and slurred in the other.